You, your talents, your abilities, your time, your energy; these are all resources. In a manner of speaking, you are your own biggest resource. Of course, our colleagues and other external factors contribute to your performance. However, of all the factors that you have direct control over, the way you manage the resource of you is a key ingredient in your level of success.

According to author Robert Kelly in his book How to Be a Star at Work, star employees are continually managing their work, their career, and themselves. Self-management allows these professionals to provide high value to their organization, create career opportunities, and help in the achievement of long-term goals.

So how is your internal HR Department doing? Are you wisely managing yourself? Here are a few suggestions for improving your self-management.

Manage Your Time 
Be clear about what your priorities are, and align your calendar to match. Know when to say no if something isn’t a good fit with your goals, and be able to yes when an unexpected opportunity opens up. Especially give yourself the time and space to engage in deep work in the areas that matter most.

Manage Your Knowledge
Make a commitment to being a lifelong learner, especially in areas that support your personal goals, and the goals of your organization. According to Forbes, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race to date. By being a lifelong learner we can stay abreast of the trends that will shape our world in the future.

Manage Your Networks
Having a broad personal network allows you to tap into resources and knowledge outside of your own personal repertoire. This can be invaluable when solving complex problems in the workplace and navigating challenges in your personal life. Of course, having a strong network can also be of great value when it comes to career opportunities and hiring talent for your organization.

Manage Your Wellbeing
As Oprah Winfrey recently said, “professionals who don’t take care of themselves soon won’t be taking care of business either”. Adequate rest, exercise and nutrition have a huge impact on our performance. Have some type of practice in your life that enhances your health and wellbeing – practice yoga, take up swimming or cycling, or learn to play an instrument. These practices not only enhance our wellbeing, but they give us an opportunity to develop skills like focus, persistence, dedication and goal setting.

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