Virtual Programs: Music as a Metaphor for Professional Success

Specifically designed for virtual participation, this experiential program leverages the power of music to explore what it takes to be successful in today’s challenging new world. Led by professional musicians, participants use found-object instruments from their own environment to harness the impact of experiential learning. Using music as a metaphor, our facilitators draw powerful connections between success in the musical world and success in the professional world.
Participants learn to create a piece of music together, applying skills like adaptivity, resilience, communication and focus. We debrief each step along the way, exploring the insights gained from dynamically employing these professional skills in this unique musical context. By the end of the session participants have been challenged to play a piece of music in a very short time, and their success has produced a real feeling of learning and achievement – leaving everyone engaged, energized and connected!

Topics include:

– Leadership Development
– Diversity and Inclusion
– Resilience and Adaptivity
– Change Management
– Communication
– Collaboration and Team Building
– Keynotes, Conferences, Meetings and Break Outs

Takeaways from this program:

Seeing the importance of resilience, adaptiveness, communication and focus through the lens of music creates a refreshing and uplifting perspective on our ability to successfully navigate the challenges of today’s professional world.

Whether working remotely or not, connections are built through shared experiences in which the participants have a common goal. The metaphor of music brings this to life in a powerful way that carries directly into the work environment.

Everyone plays a valuable part in achieving the group’s objectives. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Engagement and inspiration open the door to further connection, and the foundation for future success is put in place.

This program is fun! The opportunity for focused learning is balanced with lots of room for laughter and smiles. Making music in an engaging and energizing way gives participants the chance to be fully present in the moment, and take a productive break from the day to day grind.

Get your remote working teams and virtual event participants to experience creating a piece of music together by applying adaptivity, resilience, communication and focus.

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