Giving Back While Paying It Forward

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A portion of the proceeds from your Sewa Beats program will be donated to Bolokada and Friends Village Project, a non-profit working to change lives in West Africa.

The Bolokada and Friends Village Project supports the people of Morowaya, a small village in Guinea in West Africa, through fundraising and the promotion of educational, interactive cultural arts programs which exemplify traditional music, dance, and folklore of the Malinke people. The areas of focus are:


Building bridges, access roads, schools, clinics, and places of worship

Providing books and school supplies


Providing medicine, medical equipment, and medical supplies


Providing sources of clean drinking water


Providing access to solar electricity

Thank you for helping make a difference!

Join us on our journey of building bridges, learning and collaboration.

Work with us to empower the people of Guinea in West Africa.

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