Empower employees to trust their organization and embrace change

Business is constantly shifting – new markets and technologies emerge, customers demand change, and organizations evolve.

Successfully navigating change requires a number of fundamental skills on both the individual and organizational levels.

Our experiential change management training gives participants the edge they need to thrive in a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating.

Our experiential change management training uses music to create a live learning laboratory in which participants have a direct experience with:

Making change a part of the culture
Often the biggest obstacle to change is not the change itself, but the fear of change. Reinforcing the positive value of change weaves trust into company culture and builds the platform for successful change management.

Understanding styles of change
We all respond differently to change. Understanding our own tendencies and those of our colleagues helps us respond constructively and effectively.

Alignment around a common goal
Lasting and successful change happens when everyone in an organization is engaged in making change happen. Alignment is at the heart of what makes change work.

Leveraging the power of relationship
Change is an opportunity to strengthen existing connections and forge new ones. Helping others overcome fear and uncertainty is an opportunity to build our own trust and adaptiveness.

Having tolerance and respect for all
Realizing that most people react emotionally and act instinctively to change creates the space for us to let all views and ideas be heard.

Responding instead of reacting
Awareness of the impact of our emotions and actions gives us access to choice. This allows us to see new perspectives and creates the opportunity to respond with reason instead of reacting with knee-jerk emotion.

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