It’s a common tale but true. So, common it could be a line in a love song. “I used to love my job, but now I don’t anymore.” We often approach a new job with sizzle and excitement similar to that of a budding romance, but then something changes. That je ne sai quoi goes away, boredom replaces the buzz, irritation creeps in, and suddenly we start wondering if the grass is greener. Before you turn in your two-weeks notice, consider the following ways to rekindle the flame and fall back in love with your job.

Is it Your Job? Or is it You?

Take some time to reflect on what has changed. Has there been an obvious and material change in what your day to day job looks like? Or has something changed in you? Do you have a new boss that you just don’t get along with? Do you have new responsibilities that don’t fit you as well as your prior ones? Or are you becoming more introverted over time, and the extroverted aspect of your job doesn’t light you up like it used to? Perhaps the opposite is true? In any case, if you can identify what has changed, you can take rational and well-placed steps to adjust in the areas that will make the most difference.

Gratitude is the Attitude

Maybe your current job really is a great fit, and all that is needed is a shift in your perspective. Practice gratitude by making a list of all the things you appreciate about your job. Perhaps it’s your colleagues. Perhaps it’s the people you get to help along the way. Perhaps it’s the simple fact that your paycheck is keeping a roof over your head and paying your kid’s college tuition. Whatever the reasons, making a list of the positive aspects of your current job can be a great way to rekindle the flame.

Social Connections

Social connection improves health, well-being, and longevity, according to Dr. Emma Seppala. We’re not likely to be friends with everyone we work with, but creating friendly connections with one or two can go a long way in making work more satisfying. A friendly face to eat with during lunch or share a cup of coffee with on break can really make a difference. Plus, who better to understand what work is like for us than someone who is right there living it alongside us?


Perhaps it’s time for a conversation with your boss. If you’re feeling stagnant, maybe it’s a sign that you’re ready for new responsibilities. Ask your boss if you can tackle new tasks, or start a new initiative. Make a plan for how to increase your capacity and capability, and expand into new areas. Making a commitment to take things to the next level can go a long way in sparking new interest at work.

Change it Up

Sometimes small changes make a big difference. What small changes can you make to spice things up? Try personalizing your workspace. Try shifting your day to a slightly earlier or later start or end time. Eat lunch in a new place. Take advantage of your employer’s wellness programs. Make a new playlist. Get creative about refreshing your work experience and you might just fall back in love with your job.

Get in Touch with Your Why

It’s easy to get sucked into the day to day details and forget why we do what we do. When was the last time you took some time to reflect on your purpose, and the contribution that your work makes in the world? What brought you to this line of work in the first place, and how are you benefitting people’s lives?

Reframing the context of your job can be powerful. Are you just crunching numbers, or are you helping be a good steward of your organization’s financial resources, so your colleagues remain employed? Are you just writing reports, or are you building understanding and insight for your management team? Are you creating efficiencies, or creating a world in which more customers can afford the benefits of your products?

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