When done right, employee recognition brings meaning to the workplace and drives results. It strengthens team connections, making work more inclusive and more human, while at the same time driving productivity and engagement. Yet, while 80-90% of companies have some form of employee recognition in place, employee enjoyment and engagement are going down at a precipitous rate, according to Dr. Paul White, author of Why Most Employee Recognition Programs Don’t Work. What’s missing and what can you do to make your employee recognition program a success?

Make it Meaningful

People want to feel that you truly care about them. If your employee recognition lands like you’re just going through the motions with a one-size-fits-all program, it will occur as disingenuous. Make your employee recognition meaningful by making it personal. See your employee’s actual individual contributions and recognize their unique strengths. This builds a culture of excellence in which team members are inspired to put forward their personal best. Nothing motivates like genuine appreciation and authentic gratitude. 

Make it Peer-to-Peer

Of course, it feels great to be recognized by your boss. And it feels even better to be recognized by both your boss and your peers! Leverage the power of social connection by setting up your employee recognition program so that it can occur between employees regardless of level. Use technology to broadcast recognition throughout your company in such a way that everyone can tag on. When employees recognize each other, it builds strong bonds and a solid company culture.

Make it Regular

Don’t scrap your annual awards banquet, but don’t make that the only time you recognize your team members. Make your employee recognition regular by mixing things up. Write a handwritten note, have a team activity day, offer spontaneous treats in the break room, feature your employees on social media, and sponsor professional development opportunities. When done regularly, employee recognition can be one of the most important factors in driving productivity, engagement, and results.  

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