The benefits of diversity are numerous and multi-faceted, and indeed have an impact all the way to the bottom line.  According to the Harvard Business Review, companies in the top quartile for management diversity were 35% more likely to generate returns above their industry average.  Similarly, companies with one or more female board members produced a higher return on equity and net income growth than those with all-male boards.

Diverse teams are also smarter than homogeneous ones.   Working with those who are different than us challenges our brains to stretch and keeps us thinking accurately.  According to the HBR, diverse teams have a greater tendency to stay objective and re-examine facts.  Additionally, a study released in Economic Geography found that companies with diverse leadership were more likely to come up with innovative products than those lacking in diversity.

At Sewa Beats we believe that workplace diversity is about recognizing, valuing and respecting differences.  We also believe music is the ideal experiential learning tool for diversity.  Why? Because when we learn to play music together we must employ all the sub-competencies that drive a diverse workplace.  We must be collaborative.  We must be inclusive.  We must be flexible. When we learn to harness diverse qualities and styles, our performance is enhanced and we produce better outcomes than we could in a homogenous group.

Perhaps one of the most powerful elements of using music as a tool to enhance diversity is that it gives us immediate and direct feedback.   As we play, if we are truly embracing and leveraging diversity, we can hear it in the music immediately.  If we are not, we can hear that too, and adjust along the way.  The music becomes a live learning laboratory in which we can explore the individual and organizational qualities it takes to embrace diversity.

But these qualities don’t just apply to music.  If we build our organizations with these elements in mind, then we can build a culture that truly values diversity and inclusion.   What are you doing to build diversity in your organization today?

Please contact us to discuss how you can use our experiential learning through rhythm, music and drumming to build diversity in your organization. Learn about our diversity and inclusion training workshop.