Leadership Development Workshop


Music as a metaphor for leadership success

Based on the most current research in the field of leadership development, we leverage the difference between “learning about” and “having an experience of” to create a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of effective leadership.

The collective music making experience becomes a live learning laboratory in which your participants have an impactful and substantive experience with leadership abilities that drive success in today’s world.

To help your teams make this journey, we provide space for participants to find and define the strengths and passions they bring to their role. Learning through music broadens understanding of who they are and how this fits into a wider work context.

Our leadership development program develops a number
of key elements including:

Emotional intelligence
The willingness to recognize our own humanity, our own strengths and weaknesses, allows us to work on areas of improvement. Higher emotional intelligence drives business outcomes, and is associated with lower levels of stress, enhanced sense of well-being, and improved quality of relationships.

Self awareness
The choices we make have a direct impact on the people around us and the results we generate. Self-awareness gives us access to greater choice – the choice to stay the same, or the choice to change.

Adaptive Leadership
The pace of change is continually accelerating. Today’s leaders must be willing and able to respond to new environments, assimilate new information, and adapt to change quickly.

Leadership at all Levels
Leadership comes from who we are, not from what our title is. Each of us can consistently and consciously choose the example we set and the influence we have.

Leading Through Influence
The results we generate through building relationships and forging connections far out-pace those we generate from hierarchy and rank.

From MBA students to seasoned professionals, experiential learning broadens our understanding and gives us a different perspective.

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